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Reduce      Koolfoam offers a pre cut service that reduces waste poly on site.

Recover     Koolfoam collects clean poly waste from its customers for recycling.

Reuse        Koolfoam recycles the poly waste and blends this with virgin material to make products such as Void forms and Eco Pods.

Methods of Recycling


Koolfoam sends the majority of its own poly waste plus its customers recovered waste through a grinder that breaks the poly off cuts back up into small chunks. These poly chunks are then blended with virgin material and re moulded into SL grade blocks. The blocks are then re cut into various void form shapes, such as the Eco Pod.


Poly waste that is not reprocessed by the blending method is compacted in a process that crushes the air out of the poly reducing the volume 40 to 1. These ingots are then re processed by other manufacturers into hard plastic products such as coat hangers and picture frames.

Monthly volume recycled = 75 to 100m3 of poly waste per month.

Koolfoam Environmental Goals

·       Zero EPS waste to landfill

·       Produce EPS products that are for long term use such as Insulating Materials, Void Forms and Geofoam.

·       Reduce the consumption of oil based virgin raw material in our production.

·       Koolfoam only uses raw material with Poly FR Fire Retardant.