Esmonde Rd busway interchange

Quantity of Koolfoam polystyrene lightweight fill used 8,000m3

This project required the construction of a new section of motorway over very soft subsoils of the upper Waitemata Harbour.

The platform for the Road was entirely constructed using Koolfoam polystyrene light weight fill, and is over 6.00 metres high in places.

Koolfoam lightweight fill was used in this situation to reduce and control the weight placed on the subsoil below without creating subsidence.

Koolfoam lightweight fill was also used to create the necessary structural support for the state highway above.
Because this was a very sensitive environment it was also appropriate to use Koolfoam lightweight fill as Polystyrene is inert and dose not leach substances into the environment.
Esmonde Rd busway interchange
The superior durability of Koolfoam lightweight fill plays a major factor when building roads.
Koolfoam lightweight polystyrene fill in use at Esmonde Rd busway interchange