Black Pearl / Neopor

Black Pearl Warm roof underlay

Koolfoam Black Pearl is a superior rigid insulating material manufactured from the BASF raw material called Neopor. Black Pearl is a forward thinking solution for all applications where insulation is used in building and construction.. Black Pearl offers  a minimum of 30% higher thermal efficiency than white EPS and therefore offers the ideal solution for thermal performance for N.Z conditions.

Black Pearl wall insulation panels

Koolfoam Black Pearl is now on MASTERSPEC 4711KB


1.Cavity Roof Insulation (ideal for skillion roofs)

2.Cavity Wall Insulation  (timber and steel frames)

3.Under Floor Insulation

4.Under Concrete Slab Insulation (superior compressive strength and High R vlaues)

5.Block Wall Insulation  (interior and exterior )

6.Warm Roof Insulation.

7. Pre coated slab edge Insulation

8. EIFS plaster cladding systems

Black Pearl Specifications and R value chart

Black Pearl Roof Cavity Installation instructions

3 Responses to Black Pearl / Neopor

  1. Hi,
    I’m an architect in Wellington…can you please provide further info on your ‘pre-coated edge insulation’ product?

  2. koolfoam says:

    Hi John

    Our pre coated edge insulation is available in 2.7m lengths and in 200 300 and 400mm wide all 40mm thick

    The Black Pearl panels are coated with epoxy and are adhesive fixed to the concrete slab at the base of the cladding

    The product has a bevelled edge at the top

    Can I fax you a sketch of how it looks?

  3. Ke Zhou says:

    I am an architectural technician in Auckland. We have one project which we are proposing to use Fundermax on vertical aluminium carrier system over existing concrete blockworks wall, and add insulation between carrier system. Black Pearl panel is one of options. We have question about how to hold panel in place due to carrier system has only vertical rail.

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